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3 Answers - Posted in: valium, xanax - Answer: 5 mg's of Valium (Diazepam) is approximately equal to mg's of Xanax.

And it might just be a little stronger than Ritalin. Some studies show that kids need to take 2 instant release pills of Ritalin to cover a day at school, while 1 IR of Adderall works similarly well.

It is possible that an instant release of Adderall works for hours, although officially, it is supposed to work hours. Molecule for molecule Adderall is more potent. But that might just mean you take less of it than Ritalin.

Some other studies show that Adderall produces a slight advantage over Ritalin in treating certain symptoms. One study showed that Adderall had significant advantage in keeping people on task and helping stay focused. But please take that study in context. Larger, more scientific studies have also shown a slight advantage of Adderall over Ritalin. The difference is so small that in any one given study it might not mean anything. The reason I can say this for sure is that if I try a slightly higher dose, say 50mg instead of 40mg, then I feel way, way, overfocused.

If the 40mg had stopped working, this would not be the case. The l-amphetamine type may be responsible for the weird feeling some people get on Adderall. It does provide more of a motivational kick, however — but I much rather not have it and feel like myself. It turns out that with Vyvanse, most of the action takes place in the blood. I can get a 20 minute high intensity cardio work out and still feel the Vyvanse working normally.

This is very important because I love exercising. With time, I felt like it stopped working at 7pm and then, increasingly, that it stopped at 5pm. Some work in instances where people adhere to the guidelines but others tend to take that upon themselves and usually leads to tragedy. I fully think it's your body ingesting these "remedies" and say should be yours and yours alone.

If your MD disgrees, have him sight instances where these types failed and make mrie. They are true hearted with the intention of improving defense snd with magic being a a building block of natural and Supernatural remedies should not be shunned simply because they don't align with the Empire goals DA Danksmog 4 Dec I have severe panik attacks.

I've lived a very hard life and many things set off my anxiety. Now I know a pill is only gonna do so much for me and I'm responsable to pick myself up out of it. The best anxiety meds that I know of are the round blue 2mg xanax or 2mg of klonopin.

Thats not for lightweights or people without anxiety as I know many people are good with. I'm in their veterans choice program to be able to see a doctor outside the VA due to their practices inside the VA hospital.

Today I had a situation where they would not give me the. Previously I was prescribed xanax. It was a great idea but, the issue was that my choice program expired and my psychiatrist was supposed to renew me in their system. After I was told I would not be getting my med filled I told her I was going to mental health emergency. While up there the nurse said "I know this isn't from a doctor here because they tell us not to prescribe xanax or klonopin.

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