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Alternative to flonase - What are some alternatives to flonase/flixonase? Many. over the counter equal to flonase Flonase is a nasal steroid spray used to treat allergic rhinitis. It will be going non-prescription this spring. The alternatives include over the counter Nasacort Allergy 24HR or prescription Rhinocort, Veramyst, Qnasl, Zetonna, Omnaris or Nasonex (mometasone).

According to the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology saline nasal spray is effective treatment for allergies People suffering from allergies get nasal congestion due to inflammation and obstruction of nasal passage. This leads to thickening and retention of mucus. Saline nasal spray helps thin the mucus and clear the sinus. Saline spray also helps restore moisture to nasal passage and reduce inflammation. You can buy an over the counter saline solution or make one yourself.

Do not use tap water to make saline because it contains microorganisms. Put the saline solution in a small spritz bottle.

Use 2 spritz 3 times a day. The over the counter saline is mostly isotonic but you can also use hypertonic solution. Studies have shown that both these solutions help clear up the nasal passage and keep the sinuses healthy and infection free.

Saline nasal spray helps keep the nasal cilia healthy. Cilia are small hair like projection in the nose. These help humidify the inhaled air. And trap dust and allergens so they do not enter the body.

Studies have shown that saline keeps the cilia healthy and in turn prevents sinusitis and rhinitis. Side effects and drug interactions Since saline is basically salt water there are no side effects or drug interactions to this. However you should not use it excessively and you should never exceed dosage recommended by saline spray manufacturer. Sinus massage If you are suffering from sinus congestion or sinusitis massaging your sinuses can help. The massage helps alleviate the sinus pressure thus reducing the nasal and sinus irritation.

It also helps clear up the blocked mucus in the sinuses. Sinus massage is the easiest and the simplest way to treat sinus congestion. Since this is a massage it has no side effects. And the biggest plus is that pregnant females can do this without any precautions.

However you should not get a facial massage in case of facial injury, sever acne or eczema. Here is how to perform a facial massage: Wash and dry your hands. Rub your hands together to warm them up.

You can use oil or you can dry massage the sinuses. Using the oil will help reduce the friction during massage. Two good oil options for sinus massage are: If the oil is slightly warm, the massage has better results. Locate the indentation of your eye socket. It is the area where eyebrows meet the bride of nose. Apply pressure on this area with your thumb for about a minute. Now move your thumb in a circular motion for 2 minutes.

This helps relive frontal sinus headache, sinus congestions and tired eyes. Apply pressure on your cheeks just on the outside of nostrils. Use your index and middle finger to apply pressure to this for a minute.

Now firmly move your fingers in a circular motion upwards and outwards for 2 minutes. This helps alleviate nasal congestion and sinus pain.

Use the palm of your hand to massage the side and tip of your nose. Apply moderate pressure and move your palms in circular motion 15 to 20 times. Alternate the direction of circular motion after a while. This means rub your nose clockwise 20 times and then anticlockwise 20 times.

This helps open up the stuffy and congested nasal passage. After this massage you will feel a buildup of pressure in your sinuses which is normal. But if you feel deep and intense pain, stop the massage. And if the pain does not let up after 30 minutes consult your doctor. Grapefruit seed extract GSE Frequent sinus infections can be truly irritating and debilitating. Using pharmaceutical drugs frequently have their own side effects.

So, most people try to brave their way through sinus congestion. Are you sick with a runny nose, sore throat, cough, possibly even goey green and brown stuff coming out? Read More You've got what amounts to becoming addicted to coffee for its caffeine. The drug is so mild, your addiction is mostly psychological. Stop using it, take regular walks for a few days, and drink a cup of strong coffee if you feel you need a little lift.

Read More I had a terrible dizzy spell on a huge bridge and didn't drive over the bridge for 15 years. The day I drove for the first time after the spell was because I had to take my husband to the hospital And he is fine! I also think that places like Walmart, Lowes and H Depot have either wacky lights or it's my allergies Hopefully, my experiences will help one of you Read More I do have sinus problems and always have, but I have never really taken anything for it other than something over the counter during a cold.

I have regular stuffiness and pretty much always have. I just have learned to deal with it. It would be nice to know were that smoke smell comes from. No one else smells it when I say I do. I have never smoked nor have I lived in a home were anyone smokes either. Read More I think you'd better taper down or call your boss and tell him you've got the flu.

The flu can take a week to get over so the excuse will buy you time. I'm on day 7 now, and its still rough.

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