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Lipstick is a little bit tricky, as my lips are really dry. Matte lipsticks are almost entirely out, unless I apply them for color over a moisturizing lipstick. I wore Mac's Up The Amp today and it seemed to stay and look nice, but my lips were dry again very soon. The only solution I've really found for this is to just reapply lipstick whenever your lips feel dry, or use a really hydrating lip gloss.

Most of the concealer tips apply to foundation as well. I've stopped using a primer under my makeup because it just seems to make me dry out sooner. So I don't really need a primer so much, as I was using them before to mattify my skin and minimize the appearance of my pores. I'm just very careful to let my moisturizer soak in completely and not to apply too much moisturizer before applying foundation. I apply my foundation by simply bouncing a beauty blender all over my face, and I only mess with it while it's still wet.

Once it dries, if I touch it, it'll come off in the more dry areas of my face. Obviously, running eyes can really mess up your makeup, so I try to get rid of any tears immediately. I just dab a little bit of toilet paper in my inner corner when I notice my eyes are watering. Not a huge issue. I've stopped using a powder over my makeup entirely, as using a brush completely disturbs my skin and foundation. I don't really need a powder any more anyway! I do use setting spray though, and I think it actually stops my skin from cracking and peeling while I'm wearing makeup!

Anyway, those are my findings, please let me know if you have any further things to add or if you have any questions! If you're wondering whether you should take accutane, DO IT.

Urban Decay's Antiaging eye primer because A. Too Faced Perfect Eyes eyeliner. Hands down best pencil eyeliner I've ever used. Tarte Lights Cameras Flashes mascara. Volume AND serious length that does not budge. Even now as my skin looks more "normal" my lips are still peeling like crazy.

If you're unfamiliar, this is a first aid ointment for surface skin ailments, like chapped skin. You can find it at any drug store in the baby care section, and since it's safe for a baby's skin you can rest assure it will be ok for your newly sensitive Accutane skin. I also use this on my dry flakey patches on my face prior to going to bed. Hands down best lip balm I've ever used.

It's not sticky or thick, and it has SPF 25 yes you need to protect your lips from the sun. The downside is, throughout the day your lips are constantly exfoliating themselves, so towards the end of the day there will be too many layers of dead skin to make the lip balm effective.

This isn't a great solution, but if i'm not at home, I'll take a wet paper towel and rub it over my lips to get the dead skin off, then I'll pat them dry and apply lip balm. It doesn't always work, but you will soon experience this and know that you'll do just about anything for relief. Keep one in every bag and never be without something to moisturize those lips. Trust me on this one. Those lips will be screaming for moisture frequently, and if you can't slather something on them when they need it, you will want to rip your lips off and throw them to outer space.

As for the cosmetics to use on your lips, I recommend using very sheer colors. The flakes on your lips will show will ruin any awesome color you put on.

I'm going to recommend some moisturizing lipsticks as well, to give you some options. I have it in Black Honey, a sheer "my lips but better" shade. When the dead skin on my lips gets to be too much and i can't exfoliate them, I will put on my Superbalm and my lips will feel and look a little better the sheer color evens out whatever wonkiness going on underneath. Plus, it has a glossy texture and generally feels great.

This comes in a slew of shades-- I personally have it in Cherry semi-sheer red and Blackcurrant sheer "my lips but better". It smells good, and applies like a non-waxy lip balm. The downside is that i feel like i have to re apply it frequently to re-moisturize my lips. Even though this is a relatively moisturizing lip gloss, I don't recommend using it on days your lips are beyond dry.

Sometimes, even with all the moisturizers in the world, they are just sad and need to be left without makeup on.

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