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Teenagers and toddlers who eat a lot of sugar and desserts are prone to difficult passing of their stools. Any intense changes in a child-such as illnesses causing fever , becoming bedridden, eating less, or dehydration may decrease the frequency of stools or may harden stools. Some medications can make children more likely to be constipated. Common contributors include over-the-counter cold medications and antacids. Antidepressants, anticonvulsants, chemotherapy medications, or narcotic pain medications such as codeine can also constipation.

Other possible causes of constipation are depression , coercive toilet training, attention deficit disorders, and sexual abuse. If none of the home care measures is working, call the doctor. He or she may prescribe a laxative. The type of laxative depends on the age of the child and the exact problem. You may need to make an appointment with a doctor. If the child has significant abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, decreased appetite, fever, or bloody diarrhea , he or she needs to see a doctor immediately.

Many of these symptoms can be related to constipation. Some symptoms can indicate a serious medical condition. A health care practitioner will perform an examination to assess the child's general appearance and growth. The health care practitioner will look for signs of diseases that may cause constipation. Close attention to the abdominal exam may reveal distention, tenderness, or hard stool that can be felt.

Anal inspection will be performed to check for problems. It was then that I remembered that talk with the pharmacist but again saw no reason to react until recently I was facing some surgery and thought it necessary to adress my suspicions of being an ultra-rapid metabolizer to the anaesthesiologist. But he also said that he would put an opioid called Petidin together with some strong drugs against nausea in reserve which should be bether tolerated at least by his dog.

Just in case, no need to worry… We agreed for a spinal anaesthesia with no suplementing sedatives and I really had absolutely no worries when entering the OR that morning, feeling perfect during the surgery and was in really high spirits when I got in the recovery room and the nurse informed me that she would give me now some Ibuprofen and as a substitute for the opioides a Metamizole- infusion, a substance which is btw.

I then told him that I was afraid of the use of opioides and he answered, that there was still the Metamizole — then he saw the infusion, frowned and told me: The day went on, the pain increased and the nurses pressed me to give in and let them use the Petidin.

As expected that was no good, the first few doses had no effect as a painkiller, but I got nice waves of sickness… Then I called for the anaesthesiologist which was of course not the same I talked the whole matter through. She offered me to use Morphine instead, no effect again, but also no side-effects… An hour later the pain still increasing I called for her again and she offered to block the affected nerves as a final solution, but that this was quite unusual and not good for the recovery of the tissue.

If you need to take codeine for a long time your body can become tolerant to it. That means you need higher doses to control your symptoms. This isn't usually a problem when you're taking codeine but you could get unpleasant withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking it suddenly.

The dose can be reduced gradually so you don't get unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Can I drink alcohol with it? Drinking alcohol while you're on codeine may make you feel more sleepy or increase the risk of serious side effects. It's best to stop drinking alcohol during the first few days of treatment until you see how codeine affects you.

If you feel sleepy with codeine, stop drinking alcohol while you're taking it. Is there any food or drink I need to avoid? You can eat and drink normally while taking codeine. Can children take codeine? Don't give codeine to babies and children under 12 years old. Children aged years can take codeine for pain or diarrhoea - but only if weaker medicines haven't worked.

Use the lowest dose that works for no more than 3 days. If they still have symptoms after 3 days see a doctor. Codeine shouldn't be given to children aged 12 to 18 years if they have breathing problems or if they have had their tonsils or adenoids removed because of obstructive sleep apnoea. Are there other painkillers I can try?

The type of painkiller that's best depends on what type of pain you have. If codeine doesn't get rid of your pain or becomes less effective, talk to your doctor. Is codeine a controlled medicine? Codeine is a controlled medicine.

This means there are extra rules on how it's prescribed and dispensed to make sure it's not given to the wrong person or misused. However, this doesn't affect you as a patient. The rules only apply to the pharmacy that dispenses it. Will it make me so sleepy I can't function? When you first take codeine, you'll probably feel sleepy for a few days. But the sleepiness will wear off after a few days as your body gets used to the medicine.

You might notice you're less alert. In this case, you might choose to have less than perfect pain relief as a trade-off. Can I drive or ride a bike? Codeine can make you feel sleepy or dizzy or give you blurred or double vision.

Codeine/Promethazine - do you need a prescripiton to buy promethazine?

do tell doctor get codeine syrupStay with us in this post and we will all get through this. I spent 4 days in the hospital and the only day I remember is the day I went home. This could be a really tell support forum, but it is obvious that most keep get. If none of the home care doctors is working, do tell doctor get codeine syrup, call the doctor. Your new school in NC, programs are too new to really comment about. Now I'm taking them before and during work hours to make my job more tolerable like I said, I hate it - I feel as if I need the high just to make it through hydrocodone vicodin or oxycodone percocet day. First of all I went to possible side effects section and of the side effects syruped I was experiencing 5 which was too big a coincidence to ignore. I rely on people like you, on this site for support. I have to file a lawsuit against the previous owners. Whoever left that negative comment. Many of these symptoms can be related to constipation. You may need to make an appointment with a doctor. The Bible tells us who the true enemy is in Ephesians 6 if you want to look it up. Hi wonderful friends, its my husband. I would seriously consider reporting this balderdash to the proper hall monitor, but as you know that would be futile. I started working more and paying my bills on time the past 7 months. I had a codeine and did some drinking yesterday.

Constipation in Children (Infants)

Regards, R ask you doctor for medicine that will help for a few days. I am fortunate as I tell doctor and can afford to buy the supplements. It may be a few days, do tell doctor get codeine syrup, it may be a few years, but they always forgive. It takes a strong person to admit they have a problem. Dosage Information in more detail What are some side effects that I need to call my doctor about right away? My husband went to codeine for 30 days due to his drinking problem get he almost sent a man to the grave getting in a bar fight. Fresh or ground turmeric; fresh or ground ginger; dash of ground black pepper; Cinnamon to taste; any other herbs that might appeal to you i. My main concern is that I will not be able to miss class this week… Espically not my 12 hour clinical. She was living in a 30 story high rise apartment.

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