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Can i take vicodin with methotrexate

There were like 7 of us living in a HUGE house, so at some point, one of us would have caught him. It got easier for him as time went on. People are creatures of habit. They enjoy a routine. So why am I telling you all of this? Because, if someone with a chemical dependency has family members that will tough it out with them and help them, they can successfully use their medication as prescribed.

They will always have a "monkey" on their back telling them to take an extra one, etc. Because it can also deter growth of new skin cells, methotrexate is also used to treat psoriasis. The drug blocks several enzymes involved in the immune system and can minimize joint damage associated with rheumatoid arthritis RA. Methotrexate must be carefully monitored. Even when used correctly, it can cause significant side effects.

Increased concentrations can be toxic, potentially damaging the liver, kidneys, and lungs and suppressing cell production in the bone marrow.

Methotrexate dosing depends upon the condition being treated. Methotrexate levels in the blood typically rise after a dose and then fall gradually. I am starting to wonder if this could be menopause starting. I am curious to know if this is a common thing. What are the other signs of menopause Jen that night sweat thing is a good one They say hot flashes. I had a some of that before starting HRT.

Actually I still have some of that at times. Come to think of it I'm cold a lot too! Then again that's been going on for years. A simple blood test can easily tell you for sure. Mine were crystal clear. In fact they didn't want to even talk about it until they tested my hormone levels and there was no denying it. My mother died at 50 of uterine cancer I am done having kids I just don't want to have to go off of the enbrel and MTX to have surgery.

Have you had problems that would lead them to believe you too will develop cancer? As far as being off your meds I wouldn't be overly concerned about that. Depending on how aggressive your RA is it's like that it wouldn't be too bad. Both stay in your system for a while and unless you had to be off of it for an extended period of time it shouldn't be that bad.

I saw my rd today about the irregular periods. Methotrexate is at least as good as surgery in terms of subsequent successful pregnancies. This may be due to the fact that medical treatment is non-invasive, whereas surgery may cause some scarring around the tube. If this is the case, they will usually suggest surgery for you.

A description of the signs of a deteriorating ectopic pregnancy, which include severely increased pain levels, vaginal bleeding, shortness of breath and pain in the tip of the shoulder, among others, which will alert you to the fact that you need to be reassessed, can be located here.

Your hospital should have given you a number to contact for health advice if you feel that anything is changing, or you will have been told to report to the accident and emergency department. If you have not been told what to do and need to speak to someone ring the hospital department which is treating you or NHS Direct on 46 What precautions must I take for the future?

All women who suffer ectopic pregnancy are advised to avoid becoming pregnant for at least two proper period cycles, which is normally about three months.

This is particularly important if you have been treated with methotrexate. This is because the methotrexate may have reduced the level of folate in your body which is needed to ensure a baby develops healthily.

For example, it could result in a greater chance of the baby having a neural tube defect such as hare lip, cleft palate, or even spina bifida or other NT defects. The drug is metabolised quickly but can affect the quality of your cells, including those of your eggs and the quality of your blood for up to 3 or 4 months after it has been given.

The medicine can also affect the way your liver works and so you need to give your body time to recover properly before a new pregnancy is considered. The current advice is to take folic acid for several months before you conceive. Once your blood hCG levels have dropped, if you wish to become pregnant again, you should recommence your folic acid supplements several weeks or months before you conceive. Your emotions Until your doctors are confident that your pregnancy is ended it can be difficult to think about the future or for your emotions to surface properly.

Being managed medically can be a worrying time for any woman, and until your hCG levels drop, you may still feel pregnant. Being worried about whether the pregnancy is resolving is quite normal and that is why your doctors are checking your hCG levels. However, women often say they feel guilty that they want the pregnancy to be over when they are also grieving for the loss of their baby.

It is important you remember that the ectopic pregnancy was not your fault and that there was nothing you could have done to prevent it happening. More information about emotions is discussed here.

Methotrexate is most effective in the earlier stages of pregnancy, usually when the hCG level is below The risk of rupture is higher in pregnancies with levels greater than this. However, in cornual ectopic pregnancy it is not unusual to try to treat with higher levels.

All medical staff seemed to look at me like I was a crazy, except my GP who was the only one who suggested it might not agree with me. Anyway a physiotherapist gave me a referal to a local gym and I have been attending 3 times a week for the last 10 weeks and things are getting a little bit more under control.

I do still have this anxious feeling that I refer to as the "roller coaster" feeling, this lasts for a couple of days during the week. The main issue with is it is mentally draining. Where sometimes a terrifying thought can give somebody butterflys in the stomach I seem to have the reverse, in that I get the nausea and butterflys in my stomach and then I start to have terryfying thoughts, or at least a feeling of impending doom. Sometimes it can be so severe I feel like i'm about to die.

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